Where is Passages Malibu Drug Rehab Located?

With high praise from Forbes Magazine and a 4:1 staff-to-client ratio (the highest in the nation), Passages Malibu is the best California rehab center for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. But where exactly is the Passages Malibu drug rehab center located, and what is the surrounding area like? In three words: serene, pleasant and high-class.

The Passages Malibu drug and alcohol rehab center is about 30 miles west of Los Angeles, but it couldn’t be more different than the average setting of luxury rehab centers in LA. Malibu is a beachy fashion capital in Southern California that is full of the hottest trends, shopping spots and over twenty pristine beaches. Malibu is an upscale celebrity destination with great weather, gorgeous native scenery, extravagant shopping, gourmet dining, and other sober experiences of a lifetime.

Passages Malibu is located in a thriving beachfront community that is full of fun activities and memories waiting to be made. Celebrate your future sobriety today by calling ​866-233-9779. An Admissions Department Coordinator will be glad to tell you more about our award-winning Malibu drug and alcohol rehab center, and also what makes the city of Malibu so beautiful.

Fun Things to Do Around Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu brings you close to all of the beautiful natural scenery that originally made Malibu famous. Places like . . .

  • Surfrider Beach – An iconic surfing destination with the best waves, located next to the Pacific Coastal Highway.
  • El Matador State Beach – A relatively uncrowded beach with amazing giant rock formations.
  • Point Dume – A rocky beach with amazing natural scenery. The perfect place to reflect on what you’ve learned at Passages Malibu drug rehab while walking trails and spotting whales.
  • Much more

Passages Malibu puts you near legendary tourist destinations such as:

  • The Malibu Pier – A charming pier dotted with unforgettable shops and eateries.
  • Malibu Country Mart – Near the Pacific Coastal Highway is a cluster of wonder stores, including Oliver Peoples and Madison.
  • Canvas – A multi-floor boutique and art gallery combo with worldly fashion designs for men and women. Includes concepts presented from the minds of local fashion designers.

Passages Malibu drug rehab is within close proximity to the finest dining establishments in all of California:

  • Nobu Malibu – An award-winning fusion menu paired with oceanfront dining. Always busy, never disappointing.
  • Ollo – A gourmet restaurant with a spacious design and farm-fresh ingredients.
  • Chow – An all-white gourmet Chinese restaurant with extra high ceilings.
  • Lily’s Café – Casual comfort foods in an upscale setting.


Find Sobriety in Malibu, California with Passages Rehab

At Passages Malibu, a full team of holistic therapists will show you how to live a sober, prosperous life in a manner of your choosing. When you or someone you love is ready to get the necessary help to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, the Passages Malibu luxury rehab center in California is ready to lend its unique support. Please call ​866-233-9779 and speak with an Admissions Coordinator today.