What is Drug Dependency (Rehab Options and More)

Drug dependence refers to a state of physical change in which the body’s chemistry has fully acclimated to the constant or near-constant presence of drugs and alcohol. A common example of drug dependence is when the brain stops producing normal levels of serotonin, dopamine and other “pleasure chemicals” because they are already being supplied by drugs and alcohol. When drugs and alcohol are no longer present within the system, a person will experience withdrawal syndrome.

Drug dependency rehab centers can reverse these physical changes so that a person’s body chemistry can gradually return to normal. Once the drug dependency rehabilitation and treatment program has been completed, the body can function properly again without drugs and alcohol. Find out how Passages Malibu provides the world’s leading all-natural drug dependency rehabilitation and treatment program by calling ​866-233-9779.

What is a Drug Dependency Rehab Program?

Drug dependency rehab programs are essentially a controlled form of detoxification in which medical specialists remove the drug from the body at a very slow rate so as to minimize (or sometimes even avoid) the unpleasant effects of withdrawal. Drug dependency rehab is very precise and relies on the latest equipment and medical supervision to properly read vital signs, lab tests and other clinical work. Luxury rehab centers provide drug dependency rehab treatments varying in length and intensity depending on overall severity.

Unlike other luxury rehab centers, Passages Malibu does not introduce any new chemicals to the client during its drug dependency rehab treatments. Clients are given all-natural supplements and holistic treatments to keep the effects of withdrawal at a minimum. This ensures that clients do not experience any harmful side effects from prescription addiction medication or develop a dependency from them.

What is Addiction?

Having an addiction is different than having a dependence, though the two are closely intertwined. A dependence refers to physical changes within body chemistry, but an addiction examines the mental compulsion to use drugs and alcohol. These cravings are reinforced with drugs and alcohol by repeatedly stimulating pathways in the brain that control motivation and reward.

Drug dependency rehab can help with drug and alcohol addiction. When the drug is no longer present in the body for long enough, cravings become less urgent and frequent. Cravings can still arise, however, so other types of therapy are often needed to teach clients how to handle cravings when they occur.

Drug Dependency Rehab with Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is a California luxury rehab center that takes drug dependency rehab to new levels of efficiency by integrating drug dependency rehab program with other supportive holistic therapy treatments. Drug dependency rehab, combined with other various forms of psychotherapy and counseling, will impart new skillsets and ways to discover a meaningful life purpose, drastically improving the likelihood of success at Passages Malibu.

If you or someone you love needs help beating drug and alcohol addiction and dependency, rehab at Passages Malibu can help. Call 866-233-9779 to receive luxury rehab and heal from drug addiction and dependence in mind, body and spirit at Passages Malibu.